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Everything You Need To Know About Dog Allergies

If you have allergies, you know what it’s like – the sniffling, the watery eyes, the sore throat, and the occasional onset of hives and rashes. It’s not fun, huh? But hey, at least you know what’s up.

What about your pup, though?

Your four-legged buddy doesn’t understand that the discomfort they’re experiencing is caused by allergies. And to make things a tad bit more complicated, they have no way of telling you if – and when – something doesn’t feel quite right, either.

That means that your pup counts on you to recognize the signs and symptoms of allergies and, more importantly, do something to help them.

But dog allergies are a tricky thing.

Most symptoms show up as dermatological problems – itchiness, hives, inflammation, swelling, and scabs; that sort of thing. If you’re not paying close enough attention, they might even go unnoticed – until secondary infections start to set in.

A scratch here and there is normal. But when your dog starts scratching non-stop or you start to see other changes in their behavior – compulsive scratching and constant licking, for example – and appearance, it’s normal to start wondering if there’s something wrong with your four-legged best friend’s health.

Does your dog have allergies? 

Are the changes you see a sign of an allergic reaction – or is something else to blame?

You want to get to the very bottom of what’s causing it as soon as possible because you have your dog’s best interest at heart, after all.

I know it; I’m a pet parent myself.

The thing is, the causes of allergies in dogs can be wide and varied, too.

Like their favorite humans, dogs can become allergic to a multitude of substances, from foods and inhalants – pollen and mold, for example – to a range of environmental factors, including fleas and dust mites.

That doesn’t help pinpoint the cause – but dog allergy testing could.

It’s no secret that dogs hate going to the vet.

So, you’ll either have to trick them into it and hope that a bag of treats will be enough to make up for that terrible betrayal. Or you can test your pup for allergies at home.

And we both know which one your dog would prefer.

Are you wondering how to test for dog allergies and get a definite diagnosis without a trip to the vet? Want to learn how to help your pup live a healthy and happy life and keep their allergy flare-ups at a minimum?

I have you covered.

I’ve dedicated an entire section to dog allergies – from recognizing early signs and symptoms to choosing the right treatment, it’s all in there. And checking it out should be the first step to taking control of your pup’s wellbeing and health.

Your dog does so much to help make your life better. Now it’s your turn to help them.

Learn All About Allergies

My extensive list of informational guides will make you an expert! 

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