dog hives

Dog Hives 101 – Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment Of Hives In Dogs

Nobody wants their dog to be in any kind of distress – so we do everything we can to make their lives as pleasurable and happy as possible. Unfortunately, we can’t always control what happens to our four-legged companions.  One of those instances that we don’t have complete control over is an allergic reaction such …

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black spot on dog skin

Black Spot On Dog Skin – What Could It Mean?

You’ve noticed a black spot on your dog’s skin – and now you’re left wondering what it could be. You’re wondering if it’s something serious – or, hopefully, a benign scab or something harmless along those lines. We’ve all been there. Plus, we can all attest to the fact that dogs get into their fair …

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ant bites on dogs

Ant Bites On Dogs – How to Quickly Recognize And Treat Them

Dogs can be as curious and inquisitive as any pet owner when exploring their surroundings. They love to run and dig around the nooks and crannies in backyards, houses, and apartments.e However, this lovely curiosity that makes dogs as charming as they are can sometimes lead them into dangerous situations, too. Our environment is full …

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