American Bulldog vs Pitbull: 5 Crucial Differences

Have you ever wondered why some dogs look so much alike but are also so different? For example, American Bulldog vs. Pitbull – these are the two breeds that people seem to get most confused about! They have many similarities, from looks to personality, so it is not a surprise why so many people mix …

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Dogs that look like pit bulls but arent

8 Dogs That Look Like Pit Bulls But Aren’t

If you want a Pit Bull but can’t have one, there are other (eight, to be precise) dog breeds that look like Pit Bull to pick from. Educate yourself on the differences in temperament, care requirements, and adaptability to different lifestyles, so you can make A well-informed decision when selecting a canine companion.

dogs with long ears - the list

12 Dogs With Long Ears – When You Want Floppy To The Max

Let’s face the facts: The cutest dogs in the world have long ears. Period.  You simply can’t deny this fact – in fact, I’m going to prove it to you over and over (12 times) until you’re convinced.  I’ve assembled a list of 12 dogs with long ears that will showcase some fantastic earness, and …

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